Are You Destined To Become An Entrepreneur? (A Two Minute Video by Steve Blank)

Taking a leap of fate and transitioning from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur is not easy. However, upon doing so, I realized that a lot of opportunities are just around the corner; and that there are a lot of things that are more important than having a fixed income.

Whenever I meet some of my old office mates, there would be some who would say that they envy me because I have more idle time and I do not need to report to a supervisor or a manager in a timely basis.

Thinking back, I remember when I was in the corporate world, I always hear some of my seniors say that they will start a business and quit their job. I never imagined that after spending more than 3 years in the same company, I’ll be resigning ahead of them to go full time into Entrepreneurship.

A lot of people in the corporate world want to quit their job and start their own business to stop working for a boss. However, becoming an entrepreneur is not simply starting your own business and becoming your own boss.

In this video, Steve Blank explains what entrepreneurship really is in 2 minutes:

I hope this video will somehow help you to have the correct mindset for becoming an entrepreneur. I really hope so, because it did for me.

Being an entrepreneur takes passion and dedication. “This is not [just] a job… Entrepreneurs are closer to artists than any other career.”

-Steve Blank

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