How A Couple Turned A 20 Peso Capital Into A Million Peso Business

I seldom watch television ever since I realized that it is taking too much of my time. However, few months ago, there is this one segment of “Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho” on GMA 7 (a local channel on Philippine Television) which was really memorable for me. That night’s episode was just so inspiring that I just can’t help but include their story in this blog.

This is the story of Rudolfo and Rosiell De Leon, a couple who lives in Antipolo City, Philippines. Their story is about a Filipino couple who became millionaires because of a 20 peso investment on Ice Candy. Yes! Only 20 pesos and they were able to grow it into millions and all it took was a little bit of hard work.

Their success story started in College when Rosiell got pregnant by Rudolfo. Rudolfo worked hard and took the liberty of sustaining the needs his family until he lost his job on 2011. As a result, their savings were used up until all that’s left was a 20 peso bill that Rosiell had kept.

They said if it is just the two of them, they can be thrifty but their kids were not used to the life of being poor. With the 20 peso bill that they have left, the couple decided to buy plastic which they used to start selling ice to their neighbors.

From 20 pesos, they earned a profit of 300 pesos which they then used to start an ice candy business.From selling ice candy to their neighbors, they decided to offer their friend who sells fishes in the morning to sell ice candy in the afternoon. Their friend later on was remitting 5000 pesos a week.

This led the couple to decide to offer their ice candy to small stores in their area. Of course like any other start-up, they encountered rejection from store owners but that did not stop them from making their business grow as they have their children to support.

In the span of 4 years, their ice candy is now being sold not only in small stores but in schools as well. Their daily profit of 500 pesos, now makes 15,000 pesos daily for a total of 450,000 pesos a month.

Their story just shows that great things really do start from small beginnings. Money is never an issue if you wish to become successful. All you need is a little bit of hard work, perseverance, belief in yourself and guidance from above.

I’ve also included a link of the video below in case you wish to watch the segment of their story. (Language is in Filipino)

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