The Power Of Delayed Gratification

Most of us, if not all, love to watch movies. Just this morning, I was browsing through my Facebook Homepage and I saw a photo advertisement of “Avengers Infinity War”. It’s actually divided into 2 parts. These are expected to be in theaters by the year 2018 and 2019(that’s 3-4 years from now). As a result, I need to wait patiently to watch these. I believe that the longer I wait, the more excitement and fulfillment I’ll get when I am finally able to watch them.

In relation to waiting, there is this what we call “Delayed Gratification” that successful people would usually apply in their everyday lives. It is a technique wherein people wait until they get the full potential of the reward and meet their goals. It is a battle between “I want it now” and “I’ll wait a little longer”.

I used to believe that we save money so we can buy the things that we want. When I started working in the corporate world, my only goal was to save money to buy my very own laptop. After a few months of working, I was able to save an amount to finally buy one. However, since my family members always tell me to save money, I decided not to buy immediately.  As a result, it took me about almost a year before I finally decided to buy one.

I bought a laptop on a day when there was a gadget sale. Delaying myself from buying one immediately allowed me to purchase a high spec laptop with a discount. If I decided to buy one immediately, I would only be able to purchase a mid-range laptop or an older model. Aside from this, I was also able to set aside an amount for an emergency fund.

Delaying myself from my initial goal helped me not only achieve it but also motivated me to keep saving until such a point that spending money to buy it did not affect my daily expenses.

I know there are instances that opportunities come and we are unable to apply Delayed Gratification, but whenever we make choices, we should always weigh the outcome and be ready for their consequences.

“The longer you wait for something, the more you’ll appreciate it when you get it. Because anything worth having, is definitely worth waiting for!

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Jeypi Kyu


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  • What an interesting perspective! Sometimes we get carried away with wanting something right now but maybe if we wait until we can afford it then it will mean more to us, the anticipation as we save and reach our target and then buy it would be great. I’m going to try this! I really need a new coffee table, I’m going to look for the ideal one and start saving for it 🙂 I love this idea!

    • That’s great Claire! Sometimes it can be tempting when we know that we have money to buy things. Then after a few days or months, a sale comes and we just regret buying too soon.

  • “The longer you wait for something, the more you’ll appreciate it when you get it. Because anything worth having, is definitely worth waiting for!”
    Super agree with this one!

  • The first time I heard about delayed gratification was from a good friend of mine. I never knew how to appreciate that though until I read this post. I am an impulsive person so I’m more of an “I want this now” type. But reading this makes me want to change my views and choices. Ahhhh now I remember the quote, “Everything comes to those who wait.”

    xx, Janine | A Blissful Blog

  • Cai

    Wow! This is awesome perspective in life! I’m really thankful that I read this article. I agree that we should not rush things in life and always wait for the right moment. This is really awesome!

  • There are things that’s definitely worth waiting for. I was like you the time i got my first job.

  • Just like you… I am super excited for the third installment of Avengers haha.
    for a furgal guy like me.. i do the same thing.. I patiently wait until the price drops *wink

  • In this day and age, articles like this are a good read as it reminds us that not instantaneously buying those that are considered “wants” will enable us to get better stuff or better yet experience. This not only saves us from running out of cash (CASH IS KING), but also helps us avoid debts. P.S. I also am practicing delayed gratification right now since I want to go to Croatia or Morocco someday <3

  • This is a heart-warming post for me and it makes me want to just sit for awhile and thank the Higher Being for everything. I am glad that you have the ability to wait that long, I believe it is one of the most effective personal traits of successful people. You really must have a good self-control for you to delay gratification. Way to go, Jeypi!

    Cess |

    • Thanks Cess, Though I admit, there was a time when I went loose and spent a lot on material things. I almost ended up being buried on credit card debt! So now I am writing those experiences to share with other people what I learned and realized about handling my finances. 🙂

  • It’s always worth the wait as they say. Though there are times that your patience will be tested, you’ll just have to pray and ask for strength to learn to wait.

  • I salute you for having this mindset! I myself, I practice this and I find it more satisfying and practical. As an entrepreneur, I always keep a record of what comes out of my wallet and make sure that it doesn’t exceed what I set as it’s ‘limit’ and not be a compulsive buyer. Keep it up, Jeypi Kyu! 🙂

  • I totally agree with this one. I too have a similar situation. I’ve always wanted an iPad because I heard how handy it was especially for presentations and those sorts of things. I kept earning and saving for it and when I have completed my savings, I did not buy immediately because I might need the money to a more important thing. In my mind, I don’t really need the iPad yet anyway. Then came the day I won an iPad from a blog contest! Wow! I still have my savings and now, I have an iPad too. I can still use the money to something else or better yet, put it in my emergency fund 🙂

    ♥ Louise |

    • That’s Great Louise! I wasn’t even aware that there are prizes like that on blogging contest. 😛 You definitely saved a lot with that one. Congratulations! 🙂

  • I agree, this is a very good mindset. I am trying to practice this as well.