What Is A Good Investment?

My childhood dream was to buy my very own laptop. When I was younger, I always envy my classmates because they would always bring their own laptop every time we have our group project. I, on the other hand would just barrow from them whenever I need to do my part.

Having this as my childhood frustration, I grew up believing that buying my very own laptop is a very good investment. As a result, back in 2012, when I was able to save an amount from my salary in the corporate world, I bought one of the latest models of laptop during that time.

22053606611_897b255a05From a starting salary of 13,000php a month, not to mention my daily expenses, and considering emergency funds; I bought my very own laptop which was worth 40,000php at that time. Can you guess how long it took me to finally decide to buy this laptop?

I was really happy when I got my laptop then. I would only use it to watch movies and surf the internet. I always say that I will never sell it as it is my very first investment. But what really is a good investment?

                 If you have a background in finance, an Investment would mean the purchase of a financial product or other item of value with an expectation of favorable future returns. In simple terms, it is the use of money to earn more money.

                If you would relate it in business, an Investment is the purchase of an equipment or inventory, in the hope of improving the business.

Learning about the definitions mentioned above, I realized that buying a laptop was never really a good investment. Why? Because, I never really planned to sell it in the first place. Second, the price of this laptop right now if would sell it, would only be about 18,000 to 20,000php. That is, if I am lucky to find a buyer willing to purchase a 3 year-old laptop. Third: I only use it to watch movies and surf the internet. I never gained money from my laptop, and it did not help me improve a business.

On the other hand, learning about the definitions above made me realize on how I can make this laptop a good investment. For starters, I can use this laptop for a home-based job.  Online businesses are common today and having a laptop grants me the chance to start one. Blogging is also an option. Using my laptop to monitor stocks and other online transactions also makes it a good investment. I am sure that there are more things that I can do with this laptop to make it one of my best investments.

How about you guys? What did you purchased before that was not a good investment and how will you turn it into a good one?

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