12 Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur

Wikipedia defines an entrepreneur as a person who starts and runs a business or organization. An entrepreneur is also called a founder. He or she develops a business plan, obtains financing and hires employees necessary to run the business. In simple terms, they are what we call “Businessmen”.

However, becoming an entrepreneur is not simply starting a business. Because you need to have an “entrepreneurial mindset” before becoming one. How will you know if you have this mindset? You may simply read below to identify if you might have what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

1) Your “Family” members are “Entrepreneurs” and you see them as an inspiration to become one.

2) You are not afraid to take “Calculated Risks” to make things happen.

3) You “Do Research” if a product or service will sell to people before launching it.

4) You have a “Vision” of how your future will be and you are “Determined” to achieve that vision in real life.

5) You are “Resilient” and you look for solutions for every problem that you encounter to become successful.

6) You work best when “You Are In Control” and do not have orders to follow.

7) You see “Opportunities” wherever you go.

8) You “Think Out Of The Box” to the point that other people think that you are “Unrealistic”.

9) You are having a “hard time sleeping” at night because “A Lot Of Ideas” enter in your brain.

10) You think that you can “Gain Income” in everything that you do.

11) You are a “Good Decision-Maker” so you don’t get paralyzed when hard times/ problems occur.”

12) You want to be “Productive” and you hate doing nothing.

Listed above are just some of the signs that you might be an entrepreneur. I’m sure there are a lot more than these. If you know more, feel free to leave your comments below. 🙂

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