2 Phrases That You Need To Remove From Your Mind To Become Successful

I used to believe in the saying “Actions speaks louder than words”. I thought that words really don’t matter much as long as you are able to show your intentions through actions. That was until I got hired in the BPO industry right after I graduated collage. I realized that words are just as powerful as actions. So powerful that it can affect a person’s emotional well-being and productivity on a daily basis.

Working in the BPO industry for more than 3 years, I’ve realized that just stating one incorrect word/ phrase can cause misunderstanding and stress to a person. One very good example is when a customer asks for certain information but receives a response which is different to what he or she expects. That customer then ends up becoming frustrated and sooner or later will demand for a supervisor if you are unable to handle the call properly. (if you’ve worked in the BPO industry, I’m sure you can relate with this).

This goes the same for every aspiring individual who wish to become successful. Conversation with other people is inevitable if you want to succeed in whatever venture you have.

With that being said, I suggest you to emanate these 2 phrases in your vocabulary:

1) “If Only”

A lot of aspiring individuals start very enthusiastically but later become discouraged as problems occur. The words “If only” then becomes part of their everyday life phrases. “If only I was able to..”, “If only people were…”, if only, if only.

The word “if only” is a sign of regret and if always mentioned by an individual, becomes a major sign of negativity. Before you know it, you already lost motivation and the drive to become successful is nowhere to be found. Don’t say “if only”, instead say “What If” or “what if I do this…”. Saying this is a sign of positive thinking and curiosity. This can also open up more possibilities in the future.

2) “Just A/An”

I always label myself as “just an” aspiring entrepreneur ever since I learned about the idea of entrepreneurship.  Later did I knew that labeling myself as “just an” aspiring entrepreneur was wrong. The word “just a/an” stops you to become bigger than what you have imagined you can be. When we say “just a”, we actually limit ourselves to becoming more successful and at the same time minimize our value and contribution to others.

Instead of saying “just an”, I should be saying “I am”.  So now started calling myself from being “just an” aspiring entrepreneur, to “I am” now an aspiring entrepreneur”. Before I knew it, I my close friends already treat me as a real entrepreneur. I know I can be better as long as I focus on a specific goal. I keep in mind as well that I “can be” and “will be” a successful entrepreneur someday.

Eliminating the words “if only” and “just a/an” in your minds are simple ways to have a positive mindset in life. Aside from these 2 phrases, can you think of other phrases that you need to remove or change? Comment them below.

“Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well.”

-Robin Sharma.

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I hope this article taught you something about how to achieve success.
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  • I do agree with you! By claiming that you’re a successful person, it will also motivate you to aim higher. 🙂

  • i used to regret on so many things but then i guess, it’s part of living, regrets will always be a part of our life but the most important thing is to acknowledge it

  • Ten

    Try to use “IF ELSE” and 90/10 in your life. 🙂

  • Cheryl F

    These two are very common to anyone. I think we all should know too how to at least avoid negative vibes. Positivity will always lead us to success.

  • Charleys Mommy

    Your post makes me reflect. You’re right, we should avoid using them. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Those What ifs too. Thanks for this!

  • Yep. those words only makes you feel negative about yourself.

  • I couldn’t agree more! This simple way can help us feel positive about ourselves. I strongly agree that words are as powerful as actions too.

  • Heena Shah-Dhedhi

    This post is made of what leaders are all about. Perfect to the ‘T’ for motivation and positive feeling. And yes there can never be anything more powerful than words and so they must be chosen very carefully.
    – Heena, http://www.iCynosure.in

  • Cai

    A good position article to read this morning. I rarely used the word Just. As you’ve mentioned its limiting you to become something bigger and its not recommended to used often even on writing an article:)

  • I agree. This is very true! I worked in the BPO industry too before, and its always better to do positive language 🙂

  • Raphael Marabut

    Yes, this is true! Optimism is key. 🙂

  • Lester Pioquinto

    Wow. Amazing article. Thanks for sharing!