How A Garbage Collector Became A Millionaire

A lot of people wish to become entrepreneurs but always have an excuse of having a low capital to start with. So as of today, I want to share with you another story that also started with small beginnings. This story was featured on Philippine T.V. thru ABS-CBN’s “May Puhunan” about 2 years ago (year 2013). This is the story of Mrs. Tining Climaco, a grade school dropout turned garbage collector turned millionaire.

At the age of 11, she was brought from Aklan to San Juan in Metro Manila by her grandmother where she had to work in their family’s junk shop. For the next 12 years, she had to clean and fix whatever garbage she could find in their junk shop.

Later on, she met her husband, Cesario, who pushed a “kariton”( pushcart) collecting scraps. With a total of 8 kids to raise, the couple decided to start their own junk shop.

Like any other venture, starting out is never easy. They would wake up at 4 a.m. in the morning to work at their shop. They hired three men to use their pushcarts and collect bottles, newspapers, scrap metal and paper.

They would then buy what the 3 men collected and re-sell them with only a peso difference.

They would purchase old newspapers for P5 a kilo, and would sell it for P6 a kilo; scrap metal for P14 a kilo and sell for P15.20, and plastic is P15 a kilo and sold for P16 a kilo.

Later on, they were already earning thousands from junk collected every week. A truck of metal junk can yield P8,000; a truck of plastic can be sold for P2,000; and a truck of paper can earn then P1,500.

As of 2013, when the video was posted, they already own 3 garbage trucks and employ 6 people. Trining was already able to buy her 3-storey “dream” home which has 9 rooms and costs around P2 million. She was also able to provide her 8 kids college education with the youngest studying law by that time.

“Mahirap… pero masarap din kasi malalaman mo paano i-budget ang pera,”

(“It’s hard… but it also feels good because you will know how to budget your money”)

– Trining Climaco

I’ve also included a link of the video below in case you wish to watch the segment of her story.

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