7 Easy Tips To Save Money This Christmas

It’s the first week of December and Christmas day is fast approaching. To everyone working in the corporate world, this also means that their 13th month pay and Christmas bonuses are already here. If you’re lucky enough, your company may also be giving a 14th month pay to their employees.

Having an extra month’s salary in your hands, you now have an extra budget to buy gifts for your love ones. However, there are still others who despite the fact of having their bonus, they are still would lack budget. Thus, I’ve listed below 10 ways on how you can save and spend less this Christmas season.

1) Plan.

Before you go to the mall and buy gifts for your love ones, make sure to spend time first to create a list of the people that you’ll be giving gifts and how much budget are you willing to spend for them.

2) Avoid shopping at the last minute.

Last minute shopping means more people on the mall. This could be a hassle especially if you are buying gifts alone. You sure don’t want to line up at the cashier for hours. Instead shop first thing in the morning as there are less people durin this time. You’ll be leaving yourself plenty of time to shop. Avoiding busy shopping times will make your Christmas shopping a bit easier.

3) Avoid bringing credit cards as you shop. Bring enough cash instead.

When I was still in the corporate world, I got a credit card with a high credit limit. I was a good payer and I even have advance payments on my card. This was a major mistake for me. Since I was paying in advance, I was confident to swipe my card whenever I see something that interests me whenever I go to the mall. Soon enough I just realize that I was actually spending more than saving. Hence, I paid all my debt and closed my credit card. Now, whenever I go to the mall, I just bring an amount which would fit my budget. Don’t bring too much excess cash as it might tempt you to purchase more than what you need.

4) Avoid buy 5 get 10% discount and the like.

This can be a way for stores to earn more from you. You might think that you are getting a discount when you see these promotions, but the truth is, you are actually spending more than what you initially intended to do so. Also, think carefully before you purchase an item in bulk, make sure that you will use or give everything as a gift. Otherwise, the extra items might just be stuck in your closet or somewhere in the house.

5) Try a new approach to giving presents.

It doesn’t always mean that you need to buy new stuffs to give as a gift. You can actually regift unused things that you have or old stuffs that you no longer use provided that they are still in good condition. The spirit of Christmas isn’t about giving expensive items, it’s about giving gifts that came from the heart.

6) Do your research.

Don’t immediately buy when you find a gift on one store. Try to compare prices first on different stores then buy on the store which offers the lowest price.  Keep your eye out for discounts and promotional offers.  Be careful if you plan on shopping online. Sometimes, adding up delivery charges could be more expensive than going to the mall.

7) Make a promise that you won’t buy anything for yourself.

Always remember that you went to the mall to buy gifts for your love ones and not for yourself. When you’re shopping for gifts, it’s easy to be tempted to buy for yourself. Keep in mind that Christmas is all about others, not just you. When you get home, you’ll then realize that you saved yourself from spending too much because you were able to avoid buying for yourself. (An exemption to this is if you included yourself in the list of people you’ll give a gift too. Of course you need to reward yourself for your hard work. ^_^)

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  • Christmas season isn’t really the right time to go shopping, at least not after the first weeks because the first weeks have sales. After the New Year, the stores begin to have sales again and that’s the time I start shopping for stuff. Lol.

  • It’s really important to plan your expenses for Christmas so you won’t overspend. Find meaningful rather than expensive gifts. I also try to stay away from the mall during the season.

  • Girl Unspotted

    Lol number 4 is my issue. Exactly how online shopping (especially Victoria’s Secret!) gets me. “Spend $100 to get free shipping” –OK let me just spend extra $20 to avail that promo! Lol which works out for me because their shipping is pricey.

  • Even though I always plan ahead, I always ended up forgetting point number 2. Working in a BPO setting makes you prone for late Christmas shopping.

  • Kat

    I sometimes buy gift after Christmas to escape the crowd. Last year, most of my gifts were my artwork. I do not think I can do that again this year. Gotta think of another creative gift this year.

  • dmhyf

    Do not shop last minute is so true, but every year I am getting closer and closer to Christmas when I do my shopping! So bad, yet my hectic schedule around the holidays make it impossible to shop early. – Fred

  • Raymond Vasquez

    I have planned, hopefully the funds would come before the Christmas craze. So I could also buy at cheaper prices. 🙂

  • yvonnembertoldo .

    Gosh those tips are really hard to practice but it is so true. Will definitely try some though because this will really help me save money.

  • I’ve gotten better at this. Planning and making a list are important then I ask someone to buy them for me. I hate crowds so I make my mom do my shopping. Some of the stuff, I do them online. Then I go all out after Christmas because that’s when prizes drop and when I give presents. This has helped me save – never fails.

  • lee rosales

    Thiese are great inputa on how to save and be wise with our money and how much we ahould spend this holiday season. Credit cards are much very helpful for me

  • Kelly Chin

    Wow that is a bit hard to resist sale and spending during Christmas. However I do agree with you, not to spend too much this festive season

  • Excellent tips on saving during Christmas shopping! Although one can’t help but buy maybe just one small inexpensive present for himself/herself. After all, it’s a nice reward for all that hard work throughout the year 😉