On Quarter Life Crisis, Finding My Passion And Meeting God

Hey! It’s my birthday in three days. On December 12, 2015, I’ll turn 25. Part of this, I’d like to share with you some of my experiences on the 1st quarter of my life. I hope  that sharing these could motivate and inspire people especially those of my age to strive more and never give up on life’s challenges.

Graduating from a college course that I never really wanted for myself 4 years ago (2011), I worked in the BPO industry for my first job. Being a fresh graduate, earning your very first salary is really fulfilling. Back then, I thought that I’ll be staying in this industry for many years to come. I told myself, “I’ll get promoted and earn a lot to sustain the needs of my love ones. If I get bored, I’ll just transfer to another company that provides a higher pay.”

However, about 2 years ago (2013), my life routine became “go to work, earn my salary, save, spend, and then work again.” My life was just running in circles without a clear vision on what I want for my future. Yes, the workload is not that hard and I was earning more than what I needed, but I can no longer visualize myself doing the same thing over and over. In my mind, if I transfer to another company, things will still be the same since it’ll be the same work routine. — I was totally LOST in my life. I was on my Quarter Life Crisis.

It was a good thing that before the end of the following year (2014), a close friend introduced to me the idea of franchising and this opened up the door of entrepreneurship to me. — I believe that that was the turning point of my life.

I did an ocular visit at one of the stores of our proposed franchise food cart business and I saw people taking pictures of themselves with the product and with smiles on their faces. That event was just so priceless that I saw a vision of myself becoming an entrepreneur who would put a smile on people’s faces through a loved product. — I wanted to “earn” and at the same time “make people happy”.

I got totally hooked with entrepreneurship and started to read stories of successful people. As I read more articles about entrepreneurship, I also read about personal finance and different ways to earn passively. This encouraged me to attend seminars about financial literacy where I got to meet Financial Planners and Advisors. With this, I started to blog about personal finance and entrepreneurship. At this point, I started to envision myself not only as an entrepreneur but also as a Financial Planner in the future. — I  really wanted to share all my learnings and educate people to become financially free.

Around April of this year (2015), I finally decided to leave my job in the corporate world and go fulltime in our franchise. In my mind, I told myself, I’ll focus on business and 2 to 3 years after, I’ll make sure to save enough to study, get a degree in finance and eventually become a Financial Planner.

I thought everything would go smoothly in my transition from the corporate world to the world of entrepreneurship. However, sales started to decline and we eventually decided to close our franchise. I thought that it was bad luck that stuck me. Later did I realized, that was actually a blessing in disguise.

Before our sales totally declined, I decided to get myself a Health and Life insurance. I met a friend who is a Financial Advisor, told him my reasons of getting insurance and my dream of becoming a Financial Planner.

To my surprise, this opened another door for me. Yes, our franchise wasn’t doing well but I was given the chance to become a Financial Advisor 3 years earlier than what I originally planned. What’s better about this is that I was able to meet God-fearing like-minded individuals.

At this point, I guess the best part on the first quarter of my life is realizing my relationship with God. Connecting the dots, I realized that it might have been God’s will that I took up a course which was not my interest; ended up working in the BPO industry where I was able to save and meet my very first business partner, having a decline in sales made me realize the need for financial protection and investments; and getting myself insured allowed me to meet people who are not only God-fearing Financial Advisors but they also believe on educating people about financial literacy.

As I turn 25, I can somehow say that I found something that I’m passionate about. I finally have a vision and a direction in life. Now, I see myself becoming a successful Entrepreneur, Financial Blogger and a Financial Planner. I know it’ll be a very long journey ahead and that I’ll be encountering a lot of trials and hardships before achieving these; but I believe that I can; because all of this, I declare in Jesus name. 🙂

Upon ending this, let me share with you a message that I got from a fellow Financial Advisor. It says:

You will DECLARE a thing, and it will be established for you..."
Job 22:28 NKJV
"Death and life are in the power of the TONGUE..."
Proverbs 18:21 NKJV
When you look at yourself in the mirror, anong sinasabi mo sa sarili mm? (what can you say about yourself?)
Instead of saying "I am fat, I am not a people person, I always have migraines, I don't speak well, I am too old to learn new things, I am unattractive, I can't close this jumbo case, I was born this way...", why don't you declare positive things over your life?
Speak abundance over your life. Declare breakthroughs in your career! Declare overflowing financial provision! Declare settled apps and overflowing client appointments! Declare good health and an abundance of energy! Declare joy and greatness over your life!
Hindi porket pinanganak ka sa isang hindi magandang buhay (Just because you were born in an unfavorable environment), (broken family, traumatic childhood experiences, poverty, etc), it doesn't mean you have to succumb to your situation.
All of us have our in-born weaknesses. But it doesn't mean you have to continue embracing them.
Everyday, you need to believe that he can cause miracles to happen in your life! He can change you. In fact, He is always showering miracles around you.
Believe in the impossible!
"With man this is impossible, but WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.”
Matthew 19:26 ESV 

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I hope this article taught you something about how to achieve success.
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I Struggle, I Win!
Jeypi Kyu


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  • Cheryl F

    I think we’re quite alike on graduating with the course we didn’t want for ourselves. I graduated IT, survived 5 years in total for 2 schools. Transfered to another school after the 2nd year’s first sem (2006), accepted part time photography modeling (2008), worked full time as service crew while studying (2009) but still accepting modeling offers. Giving up was never my choice and will never be. Graduated 2010. Proud that I was actually able to support my student life in a University. Life is indeed tough at times. Sometimes, I envied those students whose families have enough to support them. But then, my life is so much better now because of those experiences. We just have to know who to cling to, God is always watching us and He is always with us. 🙂 Happy Birthday Paul. Enjoy your day and God bless.

    • Jeypi Kyu

      Thanks Cheryl! You also have a really nice story to share. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll have a good future waiting for you soon! God bless!

  • mollymia

    i dealt with my QLC quite different from you. rather than changing route, i actually pressed on to find the passion in what i was doing. may i know why you dream of becoming a financial planner? it’s not a very common dream job in my social circle.

    • Jeypi Kyu

      That’s great! I have a couple of college friends as well who are the same as you. They were able to find passion in our profession despite of not loving it at first. Now they are on their own journey towards success. 🙂 As for becoming a Financial Planner, I simply wish to help and educate people on how to become financially free. I believe becoming a financial planner will be a step closer to achieve that goal as a their primary function is to advise and plan for a person’s future financial needs. 🙂

  • Life is boring without struggles. In struggles you will find ways and means, though in a hard way. And at times, aside from your personal instincts or adrenaline rushes, His guidance also matters the most.

    I’m also on the verge of having a QLC either though I turned 25 recently. But for now, I’m planning to take swerves on my career and advocacys as a writer and independent music supporter.

    Keep praying and keep on finding it.

    • Jeypi Kyu

      Great to hear that you have plans already! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Good luck on your journey! 🙂

  • Very many happy returns of the day!!! Happy to know that you did not bow down to failures and rose up with all glory!!! As our elders say, failures are indeed stepping stones to success!!

  • Life is never easy but it’s our attitude towards the challenges that it throws at us that make us champions. You seem to know what you want and how to get there. Keep it positive, be grateful for the blessings that come your way, and I believe that everything will fall into place in the right time – belated happy birthday 🙂

  • dmhyf

    Never heard of a quarter life crisis before. Must be a millennial thing. At 25 life is opening up for you just fresh out of college. How could there be a crisis already? 🙂 The times they are a changing indeed.

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    It’s great that you have finally realized and discovered how to live your life and what you’re passionate about. Many people are stuck with routinary lifestyle with work at age 25. I’m sure everyone or most of us have also experienced that at least once.

  • That’s so beautiful and inspiring. I think we all come to a point wherein we keep questioning what we’re doing with our lives. It’s really nice that you found your calling and you’re enjoying the trip!

  • Happy 25th Birthday. I guess at 25, you’re still establishing your roots and defining who you are. It’s good that you have found what interests you in Entrepreneurship and financial planning.

  • yvonnembertoldo .

    Wow, this made me look back at how I was during my first days at my work. It really felt really good earning your own money that made me push more during work. Though I’m still at that same work till now, I didn’t feel the “routine” that made you feel bored, etc maybe because I love what I do and I love the people around me at the office. Just do what you love and everything will be ok. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  • lee rosales

    Its a huge struggle for me to budget our monthly allowance esp if you have a toddler and goes to a private school.

  • Jeypi, I just wanted to stop by to wish you a very Happy Birthday Filled with Blessings and Goodwill! Wishing you mega success in the coming years!
    Elizabeth Frank

  • Those are great lessons to learn in your 20s. I hope you’ll be able to remember them always as you go through the rest of your life. 🙂 Go make all your dreams come true! 🙂

  • Karla Ramos

    There are tons of people out there who have midlife crisis. Thanks for sharing yours. Love the ending quotes you shared by the way! Thanks a lot!

  • Lester Pioquinto

    Wow. A lot of people are going through the same stuff that you’ve been through. Glad that you have found peace. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Girl Unspotted

    Happy birthday! The mid 20’s is an awesome time in your life. Don’t let the quarter life crisis get to you 🙂

  • Tiffany Yong

    Now I feel old. I didn’t know so many of the online bloggers are so young! Haha, nice reflections though…

  • kaka16

    You are blessed to know God for He can only give us peace that we need and walk in the right path of life. – KarenT

  • I struggled with quarter life crisis for the longest time and I am so glad you were able to overcome it!