5 Reasons Why Investing Is Like Falling In Love

It’s finally the love month! February is the month where love is surely seen in the air! Thus, in today’s post we’ll discuss some common things between investing and falling in love. Regardless if it’s the stock market, mutual funds, a franchise business, your own start-up company or whatever investment vehicle you choose, investing is just like falling in love. Here are 5 reasons why.

1) You must know the other person first. 

You don’t just simply invest and immediately earn millions. You need to study your chosen investment vehicle first. Regardless if it’s the stock market or your own business, you would need to have some knowledge about it before you venture on it. Imagine saying “I love you from the bottom of my heart” to someone you just met for the first time – that’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you will invest without any knowledge about it.

2) You need to take a risk.

There is a real chance to fail and lose money whenever you invest, but that should not stop you. Because like surviving a heartbreak – you will only grow stronger and wiser. Don’t be afraid to fall in love. Don’t be afraid to invest.

3) You don’t go all-in at the start.

If you don’t know much about investing, then it’s better to just give little by little. It’s the same way why you shouldn’t give everything during your first date. Instead choose to invest a little of yourself during each time you spend together. When you are more comfortable with each other, that’s when you start to give more.

4) You have to believe in the other person, regardless of his bad and good sides.

Starting a new business from scratch has a high risk of failure. The stock market is volatile and unpredictable. Investing in mutual funds could limit your earnings at a lower rate compared to that of the stock market or running your own business. Becoming a franchisee means you need to seek approval from your Franchisor before you can implement a marketing strategy. There is no perfect investment, much like there is no perfect partner. But you should learn to accept and love them, regardless of all the imperfections that they have.

5) You need to be committed in a long-term relationship.

The longer you invest, the more rewarding it will be. Same goes for loving that special someone. It’s no longer puppy love, a summer fling nor an infatuation. It is a commitment that you should be willing to nurture for many years to come, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad.

“Love is like investing. Sometimes you get more than the capital, sometimes just enough, and sometimes you go bankrupt. The most important is you did your part to follow your heart.”

– Anonymous

P.S.: Article inspired by this post: Why Investing in the Stock Market Should Be Like Falling in Love

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  • Claire Algarme

    I love the way you are presenting investment as similar to falling in love. It’s a language many people understand. 🙂

  • Very good analogy. It does sound a lot like falling in love, you’re taking a risk on both anyway!

  • Shubhada Bhide

    I think I have not yet fallen in love with investment. Need to learn this aspect. Hopefully, after reading this post, I will take a few steps.

  • Pooja Kawatra Gupta

    I feel my husband has fallen in love with investment and he is kind of an expert in it.

  • Great post. Perfect timing for Valentine’s too. lol Sure is a great way to look at love. It’s surprisingly like investing. Does it mean we can learn a lot about love from successful investors, too? lol Just kidding. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

  • They always say investing is a marathon. It should be for the long term, which is like love. We need to be there even with the tiny hiccups and speed bumps to see it flourish.

  • Girl Unspotted

    Pretty good analogy. Love is also like gambling if you’d like to put it that way. In other words, in investing, you still have to play it smart 😉

  • I was really surprised at how similar the two topics are! Such a good read! 😀

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    I completely agree. Love is like entrusting your money to a bank for investment. The difference is that you are investing your feelings and emotions to people.

  • dmhyf

    These are really very basic rules about getting into any relationship. A financial relationship is one of the more difficult ones to decide on. So true about not going all the way in on the first meeting. – Fred

  • Shivansh Chaudhary

    Woah, never thought from that angle!

  • I liked how you related love to investment.
    It is important to have a long term relationship or a commitment in love, and as your post directs, in investments. Thank you for this fun read.

  • I like this article. How true… love is really like a gamble sometimes and investing is close to that, but with calculated risks involved!

  • You know I’ve never thought of it like that before, but you are so right. I have never done any investments but my brother does and I’m sure he thinks this way too. 🙂

  • Kelly Chin

    Committed and trust or believe is the essence to any relationship. The same goes to investing, we have to be committed to do our research.

  • Though I agree to these points, unlike love which is one, I prefer my money in multiple investments as a risk lowering technique….

  • I’m so glad I “invested” in my now turning 14 years relationship with my then boyfriend, now husband. I feel like if we had known each other for just a few years then got married, we wouldn’t be as secure and strong as we are now.

  • Tiffany Yong

    Well, after reading, I don’t know to be replying your invsting or your falling in love side… haha, because it’s so darn true! Ouch~

  • yvonnembertoldo .

    Now that’s an entertaining analogy between love and investing. 🙂 Although business/investing is hubby’s forte and not mine, I try to learn a thing or two about it.

  • kaka16

    Investing is not all about earning. There are risks too. I remember a financial agent in a forum who advised begginers to read books about stocks and investment so they will learn and not just ask about where or what company should they invest to gain higher earnings. – KarenT