Strong Enough (Matthew West)

I used to believe that this blog will purely talk about entrepreneurship and personal finance. However, a few months ago, as I started a certain church, I realized that there is more to it than just educating people about the said topics about.

I believe that most of us if not all had a time in our lives that we eventually hit rock bottom. Sometimes we tend to shoulder everything in our lives. We become to focused on building a career and becoming successful that we eventually get too tired and loose strength to go on. Thus, in today’s post, I wish to share with you  a lyric video that I hope can help remind you that it’s okay not be strong enough.

I hope that this short video can make you realize that it’s okay to be weak and take it easy. Remember that there is that supreme being that is there to help us whenever we are can no longer carry that burden that we are experiencing in our lives.

“To the world, the moment of surrender may mean defeat, but with God, the moment of surrender is the moment of victory.”

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I Struggle, I Win!
Jeypi Kyu


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