You Are More Successful Than You Realize

If you were given the chance to rate your success from 1 to 10, what score would you give yourself? Will it be a perfect 10? Will it just be a passing score of 5? Or will it be a failing score of 4 and below? Go ahead. Think about it. Rate yourself on how successful you are now.

Honestly speaking, I believe that I am not a failure, but I also know that I am still far from where I want to be.  Thus, if I were to rate myself, I guess I would give myself a 6. That is 5 points for not being a total failure, and an additional point for knowing where I want to be (having a dream).

Why not give myself more credit? Why not an 8, a 9, or even a 10? Well, maybe that’s because I believe that I still haven’t done the things that I need to be doing to achieve my dreams. I know where I want to be. I know that I want to become a successful entrepreneur. I want to become a successful Financial Advocate. I want to succeed in the blogging industry. These, and many more are some of the dreams that I have for myself in the future. However, I still seem to not be doing all the things that I could do to achieve these dreams. For this reason, I believe that I only get a 6/10  for my success rate.

How about you? did you gave an average score to yourself as well? Did you also gave a 6 or somewhere close to 6 to yourself for your achievements? If you did, well, I guess that is just how we see ourselves. Oftentimes, no matter what achievements we acquire in life or no matter how successful we become, we tend to feel that we are still far from where we want to be. Thus, we simply give ourselves just a passing score whenever we are asked to rate ourselves on how successful do we think we are.

On the other hand, did you know that if you were to ask other people who know you, (your close friends or family members), you would realize that they would actually give you a higher score than what you expect. Oftentimes, it’s actually a 10 or even more than the perfect score. (some will actually give an 11 or even a 12).

I said that because I actually just realized that recently. There was a time that I was chatting via Skype with a high school friend who now lives in the US. We’ve been friends for 10 years now. I mentioned to him that I started to handle people (service crew) in our food cart franchise back in 2014; he always keeps on telling me that he can never ask people to work for him. He says that he can’t handle the stress of running a business. He can’t afford to have even a calculated risk when it comes to his savings. With these, he sees me as a successful person already and someone to look up to as we never even imagined that I will start a business when we were still in school.

As we talked, he told me that he wants to pursue video editing once his contract with his current employer ends; however, he tends to feel overwhelmed whenever he thinks of stepping out of his current job. With that, he’s still is not sure about what will be his career in the future. I guess he’ll give himself about 6-8/10 for his success rate. (I’m not sure; I wasn’t able to ask him yet.) 😛

What’s funny about this is that I already see him as a successful person. He has a stable source of income. He gets to be assigned in different places around the globe. From the US, he was able to go London, to Dubai and now in Japan (my dream vacation place). He has his personal savings. He’s not the type of person to live from paycheck to paycheck. He is able to provide as well for his mom. He is actually a responsible person as far as I know him so I’m sure that he will be able to cope up in a change of career in the future. I’ll definitely give him a 10/10 for his success rate.

Bottom line is,We are far more successful than what we think about ourselves. Sometimes, we just limit our expectations about ourselves to avoid disappointments but we are actually capable of doing things which are far more than what we expect that we could do.

By the way, I hope you watch this video. It’s really a wonderful video which is somehow connected to this post. I believe that you’ll realize and learn something from it. Enjoy watching!

“You are more successful than you realize.”

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  • Kathy Lacuna

    I think that success is relative. And as long as you are happy at what you do and whatever you are doing fulfills a need inside you then you can consider yourself successful. That need inside you may be financial, emotional or even spiritual, but as long as that need is satisfied then that is success.

  • I think at my age, I can consider myself successful. I mean, to some it may be just shallow success but for me, being able to fund my own trips, pay for my needs and wants; since 16 and not relying on my family? I think that’s pretty awesome 🙂 *taps my shoulder*

  • I gave myself a 6. I am definitely not a failure, but still have a ways to go to get where I want to be in life. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • That’s completely true. We don’t see how successful we are because we always focus on ways to improve ourselves, that’s not totally a bad thing it’s just that we also fail to see how much we’ve accomplished. This is a very good reminder for everyone. If you can put food on the table, still have enough to enjoy a little, you’re already successful.

  • I agree that we are much successful than what we think of ourselves. Sometimes, it’s because we are wanting more that we fail to realize what we have in front of us.

  • This made me think of how I would rate myself. But I feel like I’d give myself an 8 or 9 as a Mom because I try hard ever, darn, day.

  • May De Jesus-Palacpac

    Success is actually relative to what you want to achieve in life. If I would gauge myself based on the goals I had when I was younger, I would say I failed but will give myself a pretty good score in terms of the actual vocation I’m in.:)

  • dmhyf

    We always sell ourselves short. We always think we are not good enough. This is a very touching video. That last part with the girl in stripes was very moving. – Fred

  • I’m one of those who tend to underestimate my value. I do know deep down that I’m a lot more valuable but I sometime think that I’m not good enough. I’ll have to watch this video.

  • Interesting!! But I guess out of 10 is difficult to rate. Out of 100 is better!

  • Fred Erick

    I gave myself an average score because I still have struggles managing my finances. Thanks for this inspiring article. I should believe on myself more.

  • Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)

    If you had asked me this question two years ago I would have said about a 4, but as I have proven to myself that I can do this blogging thing it is now about a 9! I am very proud of that accomplishment!

  • Great post and video here bro. Love it! When I started the journey of being an entrepreneur, I’d rate myself a 5. I was ok but I could have done more. Now, I’d say I’m a 8. I’m not only basing it from the results I get, but from the person I’ve been able to become. It wasn’t an easy journey, but it sure is worth it! Daily growth…that’s my goal. Thanks for sharing.

  • Shubhada Bhide

    It all depends on the mindset. Sometimes we tend to underestimate ourselves and sometimes overestimate! Striking the right balance is so important but a bit difficult.

  • The video is so touching! It’s so beautiful and sometimes we just need loved ones to remind us of what’s important.

  • I saw the same video a few months back, and it’s really touching. We often judge opurselves poorly, while our loved ones give us a much higher rating. This makes we cherish them even more.

  • mail4rosey

    This is really great. It’s amazing how wonderful we all really are, and astounding that so many don’t realize it.

  • Pooja Kawatra Gupta

    Beautiful video and I will say that we need to believe in ourself to see that magic happen.