The Power Of Having A Dream

I would always remember how my life was about 3 years ago. I never really knew what I wanted to do in my life. I was stuck on a job that I don’t hate, but don’t love either. I was full of negativity, scared of different things about the future, didn’t have a direction in life or simply, I didn’t have a specific vision that I want to achieve. I guess those where one of the darkest years in my life.

Looking back, I would always thank God for the allowing me to meet Ryan Namia, my very first supervisor in the corporate world. Thanks to Ryan who invited me to become his business partner in his franchise venture, my life started have purpose. I started to see something to look forward to in the following day. I started to learn about entrepreneurship, personal finance and personal development.

At that time, I believe that for the first time ever, I finally had a vision for my life in the future. But what does a vision mean? If you’ll search on google, some of the definitions that you’ll find are the following.

  • Vision is a mental picture of the future. It is an idea of what the future can hold, but has not yet happened.

  • Vision is the thing inside of us that guides us. It creates a desire to grow and improve. Vision embodies our hopes and ideals. It gives us a sense of purpose. Visions brings us flashes or glimpses of what is possible.

  • Vision is when architects dream of new buildings and designs. Or when business people dream of growing their business. Cut the long story short, Your vision is also your dream for your future.

These are just some of the definitions of what a vision mean. I’m sure that there are a lot of other definitions about vision out there, but these 3 things probably are the simplest explanation about it.

Having read these definitions, I hope that you have a dream for yourself, because I believe everyone had a dream once in their life. It just so happens that at some point in our lives we start to stop dreaming because of the many unexpected mistakes and circumstances that we experience.

So why do people stop dreaming? Well, as per Pastor Garvic Garcia (our head pastor at HCF), the following are the reasons why people stop dreaming.

  • Fear of Failure.

Admit it, it really is hard to fail. As a student, I really hated failing and whenever I failed an exam, I would totally feel sad about it for quite a while before I eventually move on. Same as in real life, often times, we set low expectations about selves because we are afraid of failing or not meeting our expectations. Failure is not bad, In fact, failure is needed for us to learn. As a saying goes, “Sometime you win, sometimes you learn.”

  • Past disappointments. 

If you’ve been disappointed before, it’s really hard to stand up once again. Often times, once you experience failure, you won’t want to experience the same thing again. As a result, we stop trying and we give up on pursuing that thing that we wanted before. Just imagine being rejected by a guy or girl you’ve liked. It really hurts right? But in the end, if you don’t try once again, you won’t ever find the right person for you. 😛

  • Insecurity.

What is the biggest reason for insecurity? Is it failures? How you look? Past experiences? Yes, yes, these are reasons for being insecure, but the biggest reason for insecurity is “lack of love”. If you don’t feel loved, you’ll start to feel insecure. And as a result, you’ll start to fail to realize that you have a bigger purpose in your life. But fear not, because if you feel that no one loves you, GOD loves you. So don’t feel insecure. Feel loved, dream big.

Having a dream and a vision is good, but let me just add one more thing, if you will dream make it so big that even you yourself can’t imagine achieving it. Because if you’ll dream small, then there might probably be little to no change to what your current situation is. More so, it is through having “audacious faith” that God will start working in your life.

So how do you dream big? Well, I don’t really know how to set your mindset but I guest showing my personal dream board could help. So I decided to post my dreams on this post. Just a head’s up, majority of my dreams are running different business.

I am no business/ entrepreneurship graduate. I honestly think that I don’t have the skills to be a business owner, and some of you might think that I wish to own different businesses because of the possible income profit that they can provide, but I believe that these dreams were given to me by God, simply because it is through owning businesses that I’ll get to employ people and sell our own product.

My dream is to employ less fortunate people; I won’t ever forget the feeling when we first gave our service crews in our franchise their salary for the first time. I won’t ever forget that joyful feeling when people bought our product, took a photo with it and put a smile on their face. I won’t ever forget that feeling when God first made me realize we can actually be a blessing to others as we try to achieve our dreams.

Now let me ask you, what is your vision for your future? Is it traveling the world, buying a house and lot, a brand new car or simply living a simple life?  Is it becoming a famous actor, singer or dancer? Is it becoming a successful in your chosen career? Or is similar to mine which is to own a business?

Well, no matter what your dream/vision is for your future, I do believe that as long as you have one, you won’t lose yourself against the ever changing stress that life has to offer. It’s not just about the results, but more so it’s about the experiences, the struggles and the joy that you’ll be encountering as you journey towards your vision.

God promises you, it will be all worth it in the end.

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”
-Romans 8:18 (NIV)

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I Struggle, I Win!
Jeypi Kyu

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  • Having dreams is so important. It is what drives you to your goals. And it really does not matter how long or what path you take. When you have motivation and dreams, you can achieve anything! xx corinne

  • marvi ocampo

    I have always admired people who go out and reach for their dreams. It doesn’t really matter if where we came from, as long as we know what we want and are willing to get it for ourselves. Thank you for sharing this amazing post! 🙂

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    It’s nice that you have overcome insecurity because it’s one of the most challenging to surmount when faced with new phases in life. Having faith in God makes you stronger.

  • dmhyf

    You are still very young and you have your whole life ahead of you. There are still very many options for you to take, and you are lucky if you have met worthy mentors already to help you on your way. Keep a positive outlook and claim your success. – Fred

  • Sadhna Shanker

    That is one inspiring read, especially from a young person. By the time one is older, we tend to take disappointments in a stride and do not get egged on to do something bigger and better. Hold on to your dreams!

  • It is so important to set goals and dreams, especially nowadays you can easily get lost in the daily routine/struggle. Keep your mind in focus, work hard and I am sure your dreams will become reality!

  • Dream big and pursue it vigorously. It’s really great that you have developed an entrepreneurial mindset and I know you will be successful.

  • Gale Falces

    Inspiring. I have been struggling how to know my vission and purpose and your post actually helped. Thanks!

  • Jasmine Gagarin

    Im genuinely so happy for you. There are phases in our lives when it gets confusing and it feels like we’re lost. I can totally relate. This is very inspiring

  • It’s true that we sometimes meet people who can change our lives. You’re an inspiration – Good on ya!